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Washington D.C. is the capital of the nation and has nearly a million people in the city during the workweek. Because it is the home to the highest court in our country, there are many excellent attorneys in Washington D.C. Residents in the capital have many options when it comes to attorney referral services. Often, attorney referral services are provided through three different types of organizations: public, private and online via the internet. The services that are offered through these organizations frequently differ from each other in terms of the price charged to users, the guarantees offered, the manner in which the service operates, and other ways. This article will explore the various options residents of Washington D.C. have in terms of attorney referral services and will explain each in turn.

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There are many lawyer referral options available in Washington D.C. Some are free, some charge fees, and others still are limited in the kinds of services they offer. It seems that only LegalMatch provides clients with all of the information needed to make an informed decision. As well, LegalMatch is the only service that goes out of its way to educate its clients, and the only referral service that offers clients a satisfaction guarantee. Residents of Washington D.C. should visit LegalMatch when looking for a lawyer referral service.