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Wake County is within the Raleigh-Durham-Cary Research Triangle and home to the state capital of Raleigh. As the location of one of the most populated areas in North Carolina and one of the fastest growing populations in the United States, Wake County is sustains a rapidly increasing legal community. Several public and private organizations serve specifically to help people living in Wake County find legal representation through both attorney referral programs and directories of local lawyers.

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A wide variety of public, private, and online lawyer referral resources are available for Wake County residents. However, a number of these resources are simply directories that do not actual provide any true assistance in the attorney selection process. Other resources are highly exclusive, only serving individuals with specific income levels of specific legal issues.

Upon comparing the various referral services, LegalMatch provides the most thorough and most user-friendly lawyer referral service in Wake County. LegalMatch does not restrict the type of issue that local residents can get a referral for, nor does it restrict the type of entity who can seek a referral. The lawyer referral program run by LegalMatch is much more accessible to people living in the Wake County area and more likely to help local residents actually obtain legal representation. LegalMatch is also entirely free regardless of the potential client’s income level or legal issue.