Shelby County

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Located in the southwestern corner of Tennessee, Shelby County is home to the city of Memphis and its surrounding metropolitan region. Since it is the home of one of the major metropolitan areas of the South, it is not surprising that Shelby County is also home to a number of important legal courts as well, including the United States District Court for the Western District of Tennessee and the Executive Office for Immigration Review Immigration Court for the states of Tennessee and Arkansas.

For help finding legal assistance, local residents can utilize a number of lawyer referral services that operate in Shelby County. Every lawyer referral service works differently. Therefore, it is important for residents of Shelby County to fully review each of the services in order to ultimately locate the best possible lawyer for their legal issue.


A number of different attorney referral resources are available to the residents of Shelby County, Tennessee. However, not all of these resources provide an actual referral. Additionally, a number of the resources only provide referrals to low-income individuals or to individuals with a specific legal issue. Comparing the pros and cons each each service, LegalMatch, is distinct in terms of its ability to provide individuals with fast, comprehensive, and free help locating a qualified local attorney in Shelby County.

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