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Mecklenburg County is the most populous county in North Carolina, with the county seat of Charlotte. Allegedly, Mecklenburg County was the first part of the original Thirteen Colonies to declare independence from Great Britain. Mecklenburg also has a rich attorney presence with a variety of skill levels. Choosing the right attorney in Mecklenburg County may be difficult. A lawyer referral service can be the difference in selecting the right attorney and selecting the wrong one. A person seeking a lawyer referral in Mecklenburg County may choose between the local bar associations, private organizations, and a variety of web based referral services.

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There are many options for lawyer referral services available to Mecklenburg County residents but none are as complete or effective as LegalMatch. LegalMatch is free yet it provides more information and service than any of the other referral companies. LegalMatch also appears to have the best variety of attorneys between the services. A client in need of representation in Charlotte or Mecklenburg County should take their case to LegalMatch.