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Macomb County covers the northeastern portion of the greater Detroit region. One of the most populated counties in Michigan, Macomb County sustains a diverse legal community. In order to help local residents find an attorney, a wide range of organizations offer lawyer referral services in Macomb County.

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A number of organizations offer lawyer referral services in Macomb County. While some merely operate as directories, others actually provide comprehensive assistance for finding a legal representative. When reviewing possible referral services, individuals should be aware that many of the services only work with certain types or individuals or areas of the law.

LegalMatch stands out as the most thorough service to help local residents of Macomb County find an attorney. Unlike most directories or referral services, LegalMatch facilitates the attorney matching process for all individuals and all types of cases. As an established online business, LegalMatch maintains an extensive list of attorneys in Macomb County and across the state of Michigan. The matching service is entirely free.