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Fairfax County was the first county to reach a six figure median household income and currently has the second highest median household income of any jurisdiction in the United States. With such an affluent community, there are inevitably lawsuits filed and people needing an attorney to help them with their legal matters.

Finding the right attorney is not always easy, though, and many Fairfax County residents turn to lawyer referral services for assistance. The right referral can make a huge difference in your case so it is important to select the right service. Fairfax County residents may choose between several local bar organizations or online service providers.

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All of these services will provide a Fairfax County lawyer referral, but none appear to be as effective as LegalMatch. LegalMatch aims to tailor their referrals to the clients and not simply to a legal field. LegalMatch also gives clients the greatest choice of attorneys, and information about each. All of these services have their advantages and disadvantages but, overall, LegalMatch appears to be strongest.