Private Lawyer Referral Services in Douglas County, NE

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There are 3 private lawyer referral services in Douglas County. First, there is Legal Aid of Nebraska. This private referral service only seems to provide referrals through the Omaha State Bar Association and provides no guarantees of their own to back up any of their attorneys. The second private lawyer referral service is the Nebraska Equal Justice Clearing House. This service provides its referrals through the Nebraska Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Program.

The Nebraska Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Program mostly provides referrals to low income individuals. This private referral service is further limited by providing referrals strictly in civil cases. The Volunteer Lawyers Program does not guarantee that an attorney will be found in your case because they state that they do not have attorneys in every area of law. If the Volunteer Lawyers Program qualifies you as a low income individual you may be able to receive representation from an attorney that that will accept fees that are reduced by up to 60%. This service will also give you the contact information of more than one attorney at a time and tell you what area each of these attorneys practice in.

Although the Nebraska Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Program provides you with more information then Legal Aid of Nebraska it still does not provide you with any guarantees. You are not guaranteed that any of their attorneys are certified properly or even experienced enough to handle your case. You have to conduct independent research to find out the essential information you need about a lawyer. Also, you are not provided with any information about the cost of working with any of their attorneys or even feedback from prior clients.

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