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The residents of DeKalb County have many different lawyer referral services available to them. There are public and private services, both online and off, and each differ from the other in various ways. This could be by the amount they charge DeKalb County residents for using their services, the number of lawyers that are referred to a person who uses the service, or guarantees given to clients. To best figure out which lawyer referral service in DeKalb County is right for you, let's examine each of them in turn.

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As shown above, there are quite a few attorney referral services that DeKalb County residents have to choose from. Some of them charge fees, and others limit their dealings to people in who meet strict requirements. LegalMatch is unique in that it seems to the only service that truly cares about its clients. This is shown by how careful LegalMatch is in making sure its clients are well informed about each lawyer that is referred, and how carefully they screen the attorneys that they work with. As well, it is the only site that provides a satisfaction guarantee. Clients in DeKalb County will most likely find that LegalMatch meets their needs the best out of all of these attorney referral services.